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One Decision Away….

I felt that…one decision away from a totally different life. It’s amazing how true this statement can be. One decision, totally different life. I will admit I did struggle with my sobriety in the beginning, the first couple months were crazy I was rebuilding a life without ‘using’ in a life that was centered on ‘using.’ In the beginning I really didn’t think I could manage staying sober for 24 hours, each day waking up wondering if this was the day that I would finally relapse and finally sign my own death warrant. For someone like me to go back to the hell I escaped, it would be the death of me. I know that. I wont bounce back from relapse, I’m out of options and I’m totally at peace with that because I know I won’t ever go back. My addiction can promise me the world, it can whisper sweetly in my ear that the next time will be different, and you know what? It will be different because I’ll die out there next time. If you’re reading this post, believe what I am saying because it’s real and addiction isn’t your friend, look at your life and know that it will destroy you before it’s done with you. That’s all I got, I hope the person that needed to hear this heard this, get your life back, go home to your family. They love and miss you. 

Thanks 4 Reading 🙂 JR Weaver

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