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Hello I’m a 35 year old addict in long term recovery. I just celebrated 3 years in July. I’m married to my best friend Katie who is also in recovery. We both have our dream jobs. I continue to learn new things. I grew up with my grandmother. My mom was an addict and I didn’t see her much until I was 18. My dad, I was told, died before I was born and then in 2019 I found out I was adopted and met my dad , sister, brother and huge family that lived 10 minutes away. I’ve dedicated my time to help others, possibly not going through what I did. I had a brain tumor at age 10 multiple severe injuries which led me further into my addiction. Now my life couldn’t be better.
Justin Giovinazzo “Gio” is a person with long term sobriety. He is a member of two 12 step fellowships, a Certified Addictions Counselor, a primary therapist in a treatment center, a Certified Interventionist, and an Author. Now, that Justin has overcome his Addictions, he has devoted his life to helping others achieve sobriety.

F.E.A.R. – Face Everything And Rise!
I’m Justin McPadden. My recovery date is 3-16-18. I was trapped for 23 years in a vicious cycle of my addiction. I thought I was just made like this and there wasn’t any change that would fix me. All my past experiences was the way I was and everyone was to blame. Only when I surrendered and started taking a hard look at the real problem did things change. Thank God for that change. I started a group and non profit called The Hope Shot in Florida where do do exactly like Recovery Revolution and do podcasts weekly. It has gave me even more purpose and the ability to give back. I’m grateful for this life today.
Randy is a person living in long term recovery and what that means to him is, he hasn’t used drugs, alcohol, or any mood-altering substance since January 9, 2005. After receiving the life-saving gift of recovery, Randy completed his A.S. degree in addiction counseling and a B.A. in human services and worked as a full-time addiction counselor for two years at Eden House Recovery Services – the very same treatment facility where he was once a patient. A formerly incarcerated person sentenced to 87 months in prison as a first non-violent drug user, Randy is a nationally recognized advocate for recovery and justice reform. He served on the board of directors for the Minnesota Second Chance Coalition. There he was given the opportunity to testify during the 2015/2016 legislative session in front of several legislative committees during the drug sentencing reform hearings. Because of his testimony – and that of others – MN had the most significant change in drug sentencing in nearly three decades. He is grateful to know because of those sentencing guideline changes, approximately 700 less people will be incarcerated yearly because they have a treatable disease. He lives with his wife and cat in Golden Valley, MN. In March 2019 Randy decided to follow his passion and venture out on his own and started Bold North Recovery and Consulting.
Johnny Crowder is a suicide/abuse survivor, TEDx speaker, Billboard-charting heavy metal musician, and the Founder & CEO of Cope Notes, a text-based mental health platform that provides daily support to users in nearly 100 countries around the world.

But in the years leading up to these incredible leaps in advocacy, every day was a battle against schizophrenic hallucinations and suicidal ideation. After a lifetime of resisting professional care and shying away from sharing his story, Johnny’s curiosity flowered, and the healing slowly began.

Armed with 10 years of clinical treatment, a psychology degree from the University of Central Florida, and a decade of peer support and public advocacy through the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Johnny’s youthful vigor for mental health has impacted millions of lives across the globe.

Since his first keynote in 2011, Johnny’s refreshingly vulnerable and candid perspective has attracted praise from hundreds of outlets, including Upworthy, CNN, and Forbes.

Even when commanding a virtual stage or touring with his metal band, Prison, his infectious positivity and firsthand experience with multiple mental illnesses (ranging from bipolar disorder and PTSD to OCD and beyond) uniquely equip him to provide realistic, yet hopeful insight into the pains of hardship with authenticity, levity, and unconventional wit.
Francesca Reicherter is the Founder and President of Inspiring My Generation, a 501(c)3 in support of mental health awareness and suicide prevention. She holds an MS in Information Systems and Operations Management from the University of Florida and is a current MA in Psychology student at Pepperdine University. Inspired by her mental health journey, Francesca works to make resources and information accessible. In 2021, Francesca published, “You Are Not Alone: The Workbook,” as a guide to help the reader build a coping toolbox. In 2022, Francesca published “I AM,” an interactive workbook to help the reader build the tools needed to advocate for their mental health. Dedicated to ending the stigma, Francesca hosts Normalize The Conversation, a podcast series amplifying the voices of mental health professionals, advocates, and any individual interested in sharing their story. In addition to developing resources, Fran is a speaker spreading hope, most known for her keynote speech at NAMI CA 2022 Annual Youth Conference. Her work has been widely recognized in national publications, including New York Weekly, LA Wire, US Reporter, Chicago Journal, and more!
My name is Brittany and I am an advocate,volunteer and a Family Recovery Coach for families who have loved ones with a substance use disorder. I live with my partner who is a person who is actively seeking treatment for an alcohol use disorder. I am a trained facilitator for a family support group called Invitation to change based on the book Beyond Addiction how science and kindness help people change. It’s a program that uses science and evidence based research to help family members help their loved ones who may have an addiction, it is an alternative approach to the traditional al anon program. This program allows families to help a person with an addiction and supports both families and their loved ones. It steers clear of using such labels as a codependent and an enabler. This is a great stigma that families face who have a loved one with an addiction. My goal is to educate our communities in this new approach and help break that stigma that families and their loved ones face. People do recover and families can help.
My Name is Randy Beard I am 51 years old I’m from Portland Maine I battled SUD/Mental health illness/and homelessness for 35 years I am now as of 7/24 three years sober. I have seen it all and can speak on every and all aspects “I am here to be the voice for every friend I ever lost” Colicchie
Kenneth L. Watson Jr., an Army Veteran, experienced pieces of his life falling apart due to alcoholism, then decided to fight back. From his life experiences, he has reached a level of calm and serenity where he is rehashing all the demons from the past to record in the book ‘12 Faces of Sober’. After over five years of sobriety, he reaches out to people like himself. Moreover, he speaks through this book to those who suffer post-military life, drug abuse, domestic violence, inequality, mental health, and all sorts of struggles that drive them to alcoholism. It has not been a smooth ride, twelve years in alcoholism, and losing a lot due to it; he comes out as a hero.

Facebook: 12facesofsober
Instagram: 12facesolsober
Chris Marshall is a mental health advocate, writer, and founder of Sans Bar, an alcohol free space and community based in Austin, Texas. He has been alcohol free since February 16, 2007. Chris started working as Substance Use counselor in 2009, and witnessed his clients struggle to remain abstinent from alcohol after they exited treatment. He created Sans Bar in 2017 with the belief that everyone deserves a safe, sober, and inclusive environment where they can authentically connect with others. Chris has been featured in Men’s Health magazine, The New York Times, and USA Today.
Travis Sackett is resilience personified. Having overcome an abusive childhood, Travis went to college to study criminal justice, hoping to become an agent for change. While fulfilling this role, he was jaded by severe corruption in the system. During this time, Travis sustained an injury while training, resulting in an opioid addiction that led him to a life of crime. Through the help of his canine companion, he pulled himself up and out of the mud and began living his life again. As a fully disabled individual, Travis refused to be held back by circumstances. He persevered and decided to share his story in his memoir My Life with Karma to increase empathy toward often-ignored populations that are forgotten or left without a voice.

Author – My Life with Karma…

Columnist – Recovery Today Magazine
Phil Tyler is an ex-convict, meth addict that has changed his life despite having the odds against him. He created the Against The Odds (ATO) Ministries to provide motivational, uplifting and encouraging support. Phil also does personal coaching.
Nadine Machkovech is on a mission to change the world by igniting change and shining her light in a universe often filled with darkness. She is dedicated to building a life centered around self-care, service, and reconnecting others to their greater purpose in life.

Nadine is the Executive Director of RISE TOGETHER, a grassroots non-profit organization that exists to prevent addiction by encouraging young people to use their voice for change. Since September 2013, RISE TOGETHER’s life-saving work has been recognized by the White House Office of the National Drug Control Policy and has appeared in hundreds of publications, podcasts, live news, and radio including NPR, PBS, ABC, USA Today, Huffington Post, NBC, and Forbes.
Dan Schneider, a pharmacist living in St. Bernard Parish in Louisiana, a community located southeast of New Orleans, who becomes an unlikely hero. The beginning of the Netflix series ‘The Pharmacist’ focuses on the devastating death of Schneider’s son, Danny Jr., who was fatally shot at the age of 22 while trying to buy crack in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward in April 1999. The documentary follows an unsatisfying investigation conducted by police, who initially find no leads for Danny Jr.’s murder, largely due to a culture of silence around talking to authorities within the community where the crime took place.
Michael Fiore is the CEO and founder at INSPIRE 2 INSPIRE, partner with The Sober app. Mike used and abused drugs for 20 years, on November 3rd he successfully detox off of methadone after 12 years. He went as high as 140 mlg. Mike graduated treatment on May 10th and moved from NYC to California to pursue a career as a motivational speaker. From inside treatment she tarted a non-profit and got full incorporated, went on tour speaking and started a clothing line. He turned his mess into his message and live by two mantras, “we are responsible for the effort not the outcome” and “perspective equals potential”
My Name is Scott Mannheimer from Brooklyn, NY and now in Bethelham, PA. God birthed a ministry in Kensington, PA called HOPEDEALER4TheLost and I am an overcomer from drugs and many other things. Plus I do interventions wherever I am needed. God gave me plenty of resources with rehabs, sober living houses and transition homes. Thanks for this chance of telling my testimony and hope. I hope to speak to many people and help them surrender drugs and mental illness to the Lord.
Jake Bishop is a care manager and peer engagement specialist at Baden Street Settlement in Rochester New York, as well as the host of Rising Up Recovery 100.9WXIR which features politicians, healthcare workers, former substance users and community activists to discuss addiction and recovery. Jake is a reformed felon who was charged and sentenced for the trafficking and distribution of over 133PDS of marijuana, he now shares his experience and spends his time helping the Rochester community with a major expansion in sober living for the fall.
Honesty Liller is a woman in long-term recovery from a Substance Use Disorder since May 27, 2007 and a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist in VA. Honesty is the best-sellingauthor of “Scattered Pink”and is the Chief Executive Officer of The McShin Foundation, a non-profit authentic peer-to-peer Recovery Community Organization (RCO), that serves individuals and families with Substance Use Disorders. She is the recipient of the Vernon Johnson Award given by Faces and Voices of Recovery in 2015. Honesty was also featured on “Face The Nation”, FOX News, and PBS discussing addiction & recovery in America. In addition, she completed Stanford University’s Executive Program for Nonprofit Leaders. In 2019 she was honored with the Jean C. Harris Community Service Board Award from Hanover County. WRIC – Channel 8 News did a feature about Honesty for the “Richmond’s Remarkable Women” special in 2020. She has been a field reviewer for SAMHSA, Faces & Voices of Recovery, and CAPRSS. As a female entrepreneur she co-founded CARE Talks, LLC. She is a board member of VSIAS and LAPPA. Honesty is able to be a voice for those with addiction and their families through countless news articles, magazine stories, and TV interviews. To spend time with her husband, twochildren, and her two dogs is a gift that keeps giving!
An open discussion with JR Weaver, Ashley Grimes and Brett Morris, with a guest appearance by Amanda Mast from WakeUP Carolina.
Growing up, Marshall tried to find his identity through a life of crime. His parents, both addicts, were never really in his life, and he was raised by his grandparents instead.

“I hated the system. I hated addicts. I hated drug dealers. I hated everybody. And I had no control growing up,” Marshall says. “So we robbed drug dealers. We thought we were doing it for a righteous reason, right? No, it was just fueled by hate.”

He began using drugs himself later in life, after trying to cope with the loss of one of his best friends. At 33, someone introduced him to heroin and told him he had to try it first before he could sell it. “By the time I was 34, I had overdosed and ‘died’ several times,” says Marshall… He soon found himself in prison. There, he found his identity and a pathway to recovery.
Alex is the Co-founding Executive Director & Chief Vision Officer of Of Substance.
Having survived addiction, Alex considers himself living proof that by changing your relationship with struggle, you can build the life you envision. Now, he supports others in doing the same.

On his journey, Alex saw that his issue was far less about using substances than it was about WHY he used substances; it was about shame, isolation, a fear of not belonging, and a fear of not being good enough. But that’s not unique to addiction, we all experience these feelings. It’s part of being a person! Alex believes that, no matter what we struggle with, when we all feel more seen, heard, and loved, the world will be a better place. And he’s doing this through movies.

Of Substance is an innovative nonprofit that makes premium, entertaining short films about addiction and mental health to help us all overcome the shame, blame, and stigma we experience. They’re revolutionizing education, treatment, and support for addiction and mental health; turning immersive cinema – with mini-movies you truly enjoy watching, everything from comedies to thrillers – into a captivating and approachable tool for behavioral growth.

In everything he does, Alex works to transform people’s relationships with themselves, others, and their belief in what’s possible.
TJ Woodward is a revolutionary recovery expert, bestselling author, inspirational speaker, and addiction treatment specialist who has helped countless people through his simple, yet powerful teachings. He is the creator of The Conscious Recovery Method, which is a groundbreaking and effective approach to viewing and treating addiction.

TJ is a featured thought-leader on along with Brené Brown, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Gabor Maté, and Mark Lundholm. He was given the honor of being ordained as an Agape minister by Dr. Michael Beckwith, and was also the founding minister of Agape Bay Area in Oakland, which was the first satellite community of The Agape International Spiritual Center in LA.

TJ is the author of the bestselling books, Conscious Being: Awakening to your True Nature, Conscious Recovery: A Fresh Perspective on Addiction, and Conscious Creation: 5 Steps to Embracing the Life of Your Dreams, as well as the co-author of their accompanying workbooks.
Reggie Davis worked as a Paramedic for 33 years, and simultaneously completed a 29-year Air Force Reserve military career, allowing him to retire at the rank of Chief Master Sergeant in 2008.

He has come to realize he had only saved several lives as a hands-on lifesaver, but possibly hundreds more by sharing his personal experiences as a student and graduate of The School of Hard Knocks. His life mission is to share his inspirational journey as an EMS lifesaver too prevention educator, and the grace that saved him from his own high-risk choices.

“It was over 30 years ago around 5:00 a.m., a young Paramedic crawled into an overturned car soaked in gasoline, blood and alcohol to witness three young victims take their last breaths, before rescuers could cut them out of the mangled wreck. At 7:00 a.m. he got off work and had his first drink of the day. His only thought of that morning’s tragic episode was how that kind of unlucky accident would never happen to someone like him.” Now in retirement from his public servant careers with 36 years of sobriety, Davis has several part-time job descriptions, like DUI Instructor, Veteran Court Mentor, Prison Volunteer and friend.

In his book “The Wretch in the Mirror, Looks Like Me”, Reggie shares his personal story of the grace that changed his heart and allowed him to change his mind. Reggie has been married to his best friend “Lillie” for 41 years and is the proud father of two adult prodigies, whose inspirational musical gifts are helping to heal some of the world’s hurts.

“If you inspire people to change their hearts, they can change their minds” -Reggie Davis
Curtis here from The Sober. An app that provides resources for those in recovery. Think of Netflix meets Masterclass, but sobriety-based. We bring together all the resources already out there and combine them with new fresh, engaging and educational content to show our members that there is more than one way to recover, but more importantly, how to enjoy life after recovery.
Instagram | GoFundMe | The Sober | Apple App Store
After 27 years of addiction to alcohol and drugs, suicide attempts and legal trouble Tim finally had had enough! Tim finally found hope and the courage to get the help he so desperately needed to save his life. Today Tim has 1 year clean and sober and his life has changed more then he could have ever imagined. He would not change the path he had to go down because it has made him the man he has always wanted to be. Tim is grateful for his journey into sobriety and is looking forward to what life has to bring.
Chris Thompson is a serial entrepreneur, and a human who has embraced the comeback story of a life in recovery. As someone who knows how dark the path of addiction can take us, Chris founded Sober Sidekick in 2018 to help as many people as possible to start and maintain their own comeback stories.

Since that time, Sober Sidekick has grown to almost 100,000 members, with many claiming it saved their life. Chris’s core belief is that everyone deserves a chance and has dedicated his life to showing as many people as possible that they’re not alone, and they are stronger than they think they are.
Doc Marty has lived many lives within one. From ex-dj-rave star to his own addiction struggles to recovery full circle; giving back, living dreams, going to school, becoming a licensed psychologist, directing and developing treatment services, and starting a business with a book on the way. He draws from his own experience immersed in recovery communities for the past 17 years. One of the many gifts of recovery he received was the opportunity to complete a Masters and Doctorate level education with a research focus in addiction psychology and complementary/integrative treatment components. He underwent post-graduate training in evidence-based modalities of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), 12-Step Facilitation Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR), Brainspotting, Nonviolent Communication (NVC), and is a Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional and Certified Neurodynamic Breathwork facilitator. Along with a past entertainment career, Docmarty also spent a decade counseling kids in a county child protective services shelter. The past 5 years he worked in residential treatment for substance use disorder serving diverse roles of as a psychologist/therapist, integrative therapeutic program development and implementation, and clinical directing and supervision. He currently focuses on treating substance use disorders and complex trauma using primarily EMDR and brainspotting in individual therapy, he runs integrative dual diagnosis groups, and presents Holistic Recovery: Integrative mental health psychoeducation classes at differing residential treatment facilities. He is the founder of, an educational resource for the diverse paths and practices shown to complement and supercharge people’s recovery from addiction and commonly related mental health challenges. He is an author currently working on the Holistic Recovery book. His passion and purpose is to employ his joy, playfulness and creativity to share anything that helps others to not only survive and transcend addiction and mental health challenges but empower them to shine and thrive in their best life.
Donald McDonald is a person thriving in recovery from severe mental & substance use disorders since 2004. Donald’s background includes being a consumer of behavioral health services, provider of treatment & recovery support services in multiple settings, health policy advocate, and Recovery Community leader. Previously, Donald served as the National Field Director of Faces & Voices of Recovery, the Executive Director of Addiction Professionals of North Carolina, and the Director of Advocacy & Education at Recovery Communities of North Carolina. His current role is Technical Expert Lead at JBS International, where he provides training and technical assistance to HRSA-funded rural consortia across the country as they build capacity in response to the overdose crisis and the pandemic. Donald is a war veteran and former preschool music teacher—husband, father, grandfather, and social worker. He is a Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist (LCAS) & Recovery Coach Professional (RCP) and holds a Bachelor of Education from NC State University & Master of Social Work from UNC Chapel Hill. Donald is a proud recipient of the NCADD Bronze Key Award and the North Carolina Dogwood Award. He is the producer and host of the YouTube video podcast ‘No Thanks But Yes,’ featuring chill conversations with splendid people who’ve overcome chaotic substance relationships.
Bipolar Barbie is an Australian Artist, Author and Motivational Speaker.

She is committed to changing the face of Mental Health. She aims to abolish the stigma surrounding Mental Health, leading by example, sharing her journey with Mental Illness. She hopes to make others feel less alone as they experience her creative take on living with Mental Illness. She hopes to inspire change and encourage others to seek help and speak up. | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

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This is Jason Rudeen, I co host The Way Out Podcast and I’m a person in long term recovery. What that means for me is that I haven’t felt the need to touch a drink or a drug since 7/23/2016. My DOC was… well anything! I guess meth was my kryptonite. I support all pathways to recovery. I was a buffet style user so I work my recovery the same way. I draw from many different sources in my own recovery. Getting (and living) clean is something I never imagined I could do. I was addicted to drinking, using and dealing since I was 13. I got clean at 36 so that’s 23 years of debauchery. I never knew no other way.

On my journey I learned the importance of sharing my story. It can heal me, inspire others and gives them permission to share their own stories! It’s therapeutic value is without parallel, as they say!! I am so grateful I found Charles and shared my story with him early on (that’s episode 31 if you want to check it out). When he asked me if I wanted to co host and help take the show to the next level I was nervous. I didn’t feel qualified, and if I listened to my feelings, I would have cheated myself. Everything you want is on the other side of fear! Say yes! Show up for opportunities if they could potentially benefit you or others. Be willing to get uncomfortable! Start helping others! That’s where the real growth happens!

My heart is in this show and I’m grateful for every one of you listeners! You all teach me so much. Thank you for your ears and your insights! I hope you find some real help within these episodes. God bless you all!

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Hi. I’m Mike Paddleford, and I Recover Loud! In 2002, an injury at work took me down a road I never imagined I’d ever be on. What I saw as a way to earn some extra money each month, opiates became my addiction, and it cost me more than I could have ever earned. Over the next 16 years, I lost everything I had ever worked for; my money, my family, and almost my life. On Nov 3, 2018, my wife and I, both, found a way to recovery. My journey wasn’t easy, and it didn’t work immediately. But I was determined not to use. After being kicked out of every program I entered, I lived in my car for 8 months, sleeping in parking lots and rest areas, until I was finally allowed to move home with my wife. Learning how to live together again, we started sharing our journey in our Facebook group, “Recovery on the Road.” We provide hope, connection, and recovery resources to people from all over the world. I currently work as a Registered Peer Recovery Coach in Lewiston, Maine. I returned to college online, and I am working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. Recently, my wife and I started a tv talk show, “Recover Loud” working to end the stigma of Substance Use Disorder. The show airs on the local public broadcast station, as well as on our YouTube channel. I live my life in recovery doing whatever it takes. I Recover Loud so everyone will know, that recovery IS possible.
Leonard Buschel is an American publisher, substance abuse counselor and co-founder of Writers in Treatment, which supports recovery and the arts, and executive director of REEL Recovery Film Festival, focusing on stories of addiction and recovery.
Kevin Barhydt is the author of Dear Stephen Michael’s Mother.
Abandoned by his mother at birth, Kevin was enveloped in a labyrinth of adoption, addiction, and child sexual abuse.
By age 20, a shell of the boy he once was, Kevin succumbed completely to a suicidal lifestyle of drug dealing and prostitution.
At 45, after many years of recovery, Kevin began a painful journey to uncover his origins, and the hopeful search for his mother.
His book, “Dear Stephen Michael’s Mother”, chronicles the unfolding of these stories.
The interwoven perspectives offer an unflinching look at the myriad ways life can cloak us in darkness and helplessness yet still resonate with joy and recovery.
Kevin Barhydt’s life is summed up with these eight words: to be of service to God and others.
His YouTube channel creates a safe space for survirors of addiction, abandonment, adoption and child sexual abuse, and to explore the healing process.
As a YouTube creator, author, actor and educator – as a son, husband, father and friend – he gives of himself with one expectation: that you can only keep what you have by giving it away.
J. Maxwell is a recovering addict and published poet of the book “Sober Thoughts from the Crazy House,” which depicts his struggles with mental illness and addiction and his road to recovery. He was originally born in Bellevue, WA, and raised in Las Vegas, NV. He started his struggle with addiction when he went to school for a degree in Creative Writing and Philosophy in Reno, NV. His addiction lasted for nearly 11.5 years and after finally going through an IOP program, was able to maintain a sober lifestyle. He has now been clean for a little over 1.5 years.He is now 31 and will be returning to school for a new degree in Substance Abuse Counseling.
Zachary Small is a 34 years old, married to high school sweetheart, father of 2, Navy Veteran of 8 years with 2 deployments. He has 1.5 years sober after 20 years binge drinking (13-33 yrs old). He founded in 2015 and it includes a blog, YouTube, & Podcast. He also founded, a Family focused clothing brand in 2020. He is the owner of, a private men’s community.
Matthew is a powerful recovery activist who had a dream of opening a sober living program to give back what was so freely given to him in early recovery. He is the Founder and Director of Operations for Learn to Live Recovery LLC which is that dream. Matthew graduated with his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Work from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUe) in May 2019. While attending SIUe he was elected President of the Student Social Work Association and he was the Service Award recipient. He graduated with his master’s degree in Social Work from Saint Louis University with honors in December 2020. He has accumulated over 4 years of substance abuse treatment experience at Preferred Family Healthcare and holds a credential for Missouri Associate Alcohol Drug Counselor II. Matthew has been sober since January 3, 2011 which gives him 11 years of sobriety and first-hand experience. He was a co-house parent in the Joe’s Place Organization which is a non-profit organization that houses homeless boys in the Maplewood-Richmond Heights School District in Saint Louis.
Carl is a person in long term recovery who just celebrated 4 years clean. Carl has his own podcast that airs every Friday called, ”The Drunken Worm Podcast”. Carl works in the recovery field and is the clinical supervisor at the House of Acts located in Vallejo, CA. When Carl is not working he enjoys spending time with his boyfriend and having amazing adventures together. Carl is also an avid golfer and is an amateur photographer.
Martha Duke of Recover outloud is a single mother and entrepreneur who found freedom, pride and peace through sobriety. After a lifetime of abuse at the hands of those who were supposed to love her; she changed the narrative and chose to shed the shame and stigma to become a sober mom and activist. Surviving childhood abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence she leads by example in the fact we can recover. “I recover outloud so others know it is possible no matter what cards you’ve been dealt”.
Speaker, Author, and Coach. Nicole is a tenacious woman geared to helping high-achieving women claim their God-given power and destroy their self-destructive thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. Nicole has over 12 years of combined experiences in personal growth, and self-leadership development which helped her overcome childhood sexual abuse, binge eating, and break free from toxic relationships. She founded Kapow Media LLC in 2018 and recently became COO of She Rises Studios. Being a survivor of childhood trauma and escaping a fixed mindset, Nicole empowers and encourages women to become unstoppable, live unshakeable, and be unbreakable in life and business.
David Barnes is the owner of Broken Chains Apparel. The mission is to create inspirational designs to make you proud to have made it through addiction into recovery.
Our Inspiration:
Our products are inspired by our Friends, Family and Customers testimonies of Recovery. They are creative, high quality products that are designed especially for you. Discover our story and meet the people that make our brand what it is.
Giving Back:
Not only does Broken Chains Apparel want to be a retailer of custom recovery shirts, we want to help be an
advocate for addiction recovery. This is why we are giving 15% of sales back to a local Ministry, Tristan’s Haven. You can learn more about them on their Facebook page at | Facebook | Instagram
Anna David is the New York Times bestselling author of two novels and six non- fiction books. She’s been published in the New York Times, Time, LA Times, Vanity Fair, Playboy, Vice, Cosmo, The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and Salon, among many others, written about in Forbes, Martha Stewart Living, Entrepreneur, Allure and Women’s Health and has appeared repeatedly on Today, The Talk, Good Morning America and numerous other programs. She’s been a featured speaker at three different TedX events and her company, Legacy Launch Pad, writes and publishes books for thought leaders. Legacy Launch Pad recently re-launched David’s first book, Party Girl, which is being developed into a movie by an Oscar winning producing team.
JoAnna Vance, Advocate and Organizer, is a person in long term Recovery from SUD. WV State Organizer for the Recovery Advocacy Project and Recovery Fellow for the American Friends Service Committee.
Recovery Advocacy Project
Joe Conniff is a person living in long-term recovery from a substance use disorder and public speaker, sharing his experiences in addiction, spirituality, and recovery. His first book, Causes and Conditions, details the events of his life starting with his childhood in an overprescribed, middle-class, suburban household in Massachusetts; followed by post 9/11 military life and his downward spiral into heroin addiction on the streets of Seattle. Joe currently works as a certified peer counselor and resource case manager at the drug diversion court in Seattle that helped kickstart his recovery. Aside from time spent with his spouse and daughter exploring Washington State, he is a recovery advocate and mindfulness teacher. He lives in Seattle, Washington.
My name is Kate Vitela and I’m a wife, a daughter, a sister, a step-mom and a nurse…. But most importantly I am a sober freakin warrior. My sober date is 2-10-18. I speak, write and advocate for sobriety all in the hopes to tear down stigma and bring some love and laughter into the journey. I recover out loud through various social media platforms and I love meeting new people in the recovery community. I work in behavioral health and I feel like every single story is impactful. I got sober in the rooms of AA and now I have branched out to several other groups that are more open forum. I love different aspects of all these recovery modalities and have respect for any path to sobriety and recovery if it works for each individual. I’m hoping to share parts of my story and also give some insight into what I’m working on now with the recovery magazine The Sober Curator. I look forward to meeting you all!
The Sober Curator | Sober Mom Squad
Sophie is an Addiction Recovery Coach and, separately, a Brand Strategist.
Having grown up in Switzerland and the UK, Sophie now lives in Australia and works with clients worldwide. She’s passionate about helping others strengthen and maintain long-term recovery and owns her own coaching practice, The Wolf You Feed. During her prior 10+ year marketing career with world-class brands, she held a number of senior leadership roles and an executive board position. After overcoming her own challenges with highly
functioning addiction, Sophie uses her personal transformative experiences to help others encounter long term, rewarding personal growth and life satisfaction ‘on the other side’ of addiction. She knows from her own experience that it is possible to attain, and maintain, a life of meaning, purpose and joy after addiction. Sophie is also the co-founder of From Here On; a
coaching practice that offers ‘at home’ rehab programs specifically designed for executives. | Instagram
Liz McKean is a Yoga Teacher and Person in Recovery. Born and raised in Western NY, she lives in Tampa, Florida with her husband and rescue dog and cats. After years of struggling with anxiety and drinking, she found strength and sobriety on the yoga mat, and soon after found community with The Phoenix. In her current role of National Virtual Program Manager at The Phoenix, Liz helps bring the sober, active community to people across the country and beyond through live streaming events such as fitness, yoga, meditation, and social gatherings. She also teaches yoga within her community, and at a local treatment center. There is nothing she’d rather do than work for and with people in and seeking recovery. Sharing her story and the joy of community and yoga is the honor of her life.
REEL Recovery Film Festival is a film festival and recovery symposium is a celebration of film, the arts, writing and creativity. Showcased are filmmakers who make honest films about addiction, alcoholism, behavioral disorders, treatment and sober living. Slated for screening is an eclectic lineup of contemporary and classic films, documentaries and shorts from first-time filmmakers and industry veterans.
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Leanne Villani is a Futurist Media Strategist who builds businesses from the ground up on the online space. She believes we all can build and raise our influence in the online social space.
In 2018 she started a podcast called BeYouFullMind 22k Downloads in the Genre of Spirituality, Mindset, Business.
She ranked internationally with $0 spent on advertisement & began to find a way to rank without spending money.
In 2021 she was nominated for 2 Podcast Awards Top 5 Best Podcast Show of 2021 & Best Podcast Host of 2021 by the Quill Awards.
Kyle Brewer, BS, PRPS, is the Peer Specialist Program Manager for NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals. He works for NAADAC remotely from Little Rock, AR, managing the Arkansas Peer Specialist Program Grant. He oversees the development and implementation of an innovative three-tier credentialing process (Core, Advanced, Supervision) for the Arkansas Peer Support Model.
Brewer earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Addiction Studies from the University of Central Arkansas in 2013. He went on to use his lived experience with drug and alcohol addiction to become a Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist, where he led the implementation of this position in an emergency department at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Most recently, he became one of the first ten Certified Peer Support Supervisors in Arkansas. He also serves on numerous committees and boards to develop and strengthen the Arkansas Model and improve peer support services across the United States.
Jeannine was an active drug addict and alcoholic for fifteen years, her using led to multiple arrests, homelessness and the loss of absolutely everything – which she considers to be the best thing that ever happened to her. Sober since January 15, 2015, and now a successful fitness studio owner and popular recovery podcast host, she is committed to sharing her stories in the hopes that they may help others.
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Frederick Shegog is a man who doesn’t knows all too well about the struggles of this world. In his early twenties, he watched his future dreams fade away as substance abuse and mental illness took over his life. The next decade of his life would be a rough one, but not only would he come out better from it- he would change his life to helping others overcome as well.
Frederick Shegog, better known as Freddy, was always a happy and motivated kid until substance use disorder began to take over his life. Unaddressed mental illness, low self-esteem, and being bullied began to linger in his mind with each toxic substance he abused. It wasn’t long until his struggles with addiction and mental illness took over, and he found himself homeless. Alone and on the streets in Philadelphia, eating discarded food he had found in the dumpster, Freddy realized he had hit his rock bottom.
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Kicking off the live stream in style with Jeff Vickers author of “Sober Slogans: Recovery Mottos We Love. Tonight we’ll be talking about chapter one “Keep Coming Back”
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