RRPN Member Information


• Grow our shows together through show promos, guest spots/ collaborations and social media promotion.

• Networking and guest swapping with other recovery podcasts

• Promote recovery

Suggestions for Members:

• Add your show trailer to group Google Drive

• Promote another member’s show on your show

• Direct your audience to the RRPN page


• How do I add my trailer to the RRPN Google Drive?

Send trailer in .mp3 format to Brett@Recovery-Revolution.org

• How long should my trailer be?

30- 90 seconds

• Where do I find other show’s trailers?


• Is there a cost for membership?

Membership is free, but we do ask that you participate in the group

• Can I invite other people to be apart of RRPN?

Absolutely! Feel free to add them to the group chat on Facebook and share this page with them