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I wanted to personally thank you for checking out our new page, we hope you check in on the regular. One of my goals as a person in long term recovery is to help others find their way back from addiction. I’ve walked in your shoes, I know the pain and misery that addiction brings, I know the empty promises that addiction leads us to believe and for what? Loss of everything? We lose everything chasing something that brings us chaos, it takes us away from everyone and everything that we loved. My name is JR Weaver and I’m proof that no matter how far down you fall you can rise back up, you can get your life back, your family, your children… it can all come back in ways that you can’t even imagine right now. There are millions of people that have found recovery worldwide, it doesn’t matter how you find it or what program you use. The Recovery Revolution is here to help guide you each step of the way.

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Drugs Courts Aren’t Failing Addicts, Addicts Are Failing Addicts

Drug Courts aren’t failing Addicts, Addicts are failing Addicts. https://medium.com/@jrweaver/drugs-courts-arent-failing-addicts-addicts-are-failing-addicts-6904870de91c The harsh truth is every participant comes into a drug court program wanting to change, that change can be a temporary fix or a life long fix. We just don’t know it yet. I pleaded into Charleston County Drug Court on 15 November 2017 withContinue reading “Drugs Courts Aren’t Failing Addicts, Addicts Are Failing Addicts”

To Thy Own Self Be True.

To Thy Own Self Be True. We’ve all heard it mentioned, but what does it mean to you? The quote is originally from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, but how many of us know it from there? Most likely we were introduced to the phrase thru AA. I’ve always believed it meant to be true to yourself, beContinue reading “To Thy Own Self Be True.”

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