Welcome to the Revolution

Welcome to the Revolution! Hi, I’m JR and I’m a person in long-term recovery
from mental health and substance use disorders. I remember believing that I
was ‘too far gone’ and that the destruction that I created during my active
addiction was beyond repair but let me tell you about the power of recovery.
Recovery works, our staff is walking, talking, living proof that you can turn
your life around and achieve amazing things. My last arrest was at our local
VA hospital on January 2, 2018, I was arrested, shackled, and led thru the
main lobby to a waiting patrol car. On May 27, 2022, I celebrated my 3 rd full
year of federal employment at the exact same hospital, that’s the power of
recovery. My story is only 1 small story out of the 23 million people
nationwide that have found recovery. My question to you, are you ready to
add your comeback story to the 23 million other stories?

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