The Addiction Manifesto

Know Thy Limits. In recovery we often face many unexpected challenges, life isn’t scripted and neither is our recovery. We know what’s working to help us maintain our sobriety, and hopefully in process we have learned a few things about ourselves and what doesn’t work. How can we deal with these unexpected bumps in the road? S-L-O-W-L-Y. Don’t treat the unexpected like it was expected. What do I mean? Mindfulness teaches us to ‘live in the moment’ and absorb what’s in front of us. We learn to analyze the best case scenarios and then react, we don’t hit ‘autopilot’ – we don’t just ‘react.’ Learn to slow down your mind and reactions to filter thru what’s happening in front of you. Always remember that ‘one drink, one hit we won’t quit.’ That’s a fact, learning when to walk away from a bad situation is just as important to knowing when to stand your ground.

Fear? It’s what’s for breakfast!! Bring it, all of it, the fear, the anger, the pain, gimme that misery too!! I have no fear of my demons anymore, I’m free from the chains that bound me and tried to destroy me. Fear is the dream killer, the life crusher and the soul snatcher. If we continue to live in fear then we miss the beauty of life THATS RIGHT IN FRONT OF US. I choose to be ‘done’ with the darkness, i make that choice everyday. And I hope it shows in my attitude towards this new life. This amazingly beautiful life. I remember the dark days clearly, they are part of me, but I also remember the reasons I decided to change. Don’t ever forget the madness that consumed you, use it to power you to going that extra mile because the race isn’t over yet, we still have ‘one more lap’ to go

Pick your battles wisely my friends and good luck finding the real you on your own special journey.

JR Weaver

Author of The Addiction Manifesto 

Invest in Yourself.

The biggest investment you will ever make is in yourself. What if I told you that because of your past you will be limited in how far you go in life? If you’re in active recovery then yes you are limited in how far you can go in life, and that limit isn’t set byContinue reading “Invest in Yourself.”

Drugs Courts Aren’t Failing Addicts, Addicts Are Failing Addicts

Drug Courts aren’t failing Addicts, Addicts are failing Addicts. The harsh truth is every participant comes into a drug court program wanting to change, that change can be a temporary fix or a life long fix. We just don’t know it yet. I pleaded into Charleston County Drug Court on 15 November 2017 withContinue reading “Drugs Courts Aren’t Failing Addicts, Addicts Are Failing Addicts”

Tough Love

A Letter to the parents of addicts. I know it’s hard watching your child throw their lives away to addiction, you keep praying that they will wake up and clean up. You try to not notice their addictive behavior, I get it, I was ‘that child’ to my parents and they watched me destroying myselfContinue reading “Tough Love”

Drugs Courts Aren’t Failing Addicts, Addicts Are Failing Addicts

Drugs Courts Aren’t Failing Addicts, Addicts Are Failing Addicts Drug Courts aren’t failing Addicts, Addicts are failing Addicts. The harsh truth is every participant comes into a drug court program wanting to change, that change can be a temporary fix or a life long fix. We just don’t know it yet. I pleaded into CharlestonContinue reading “Drugs Courts Aren’t Failing Addicts, Addicts Are Failing Addicts”

Hi I’m JR 😉

My name is JR and I’m grateful to be here. I struggled with drugs and alcohol for about 20 years, racking up numerous felonies and derailing a once promising life. I chose to follow my addiction blindly and it led me down a dark path that took me away from everything and everyone I loved.Continue reading “Hi I’m JR ;)”

Broken Pieces

Did ya ever think you were broken? That you weren’t normal? Most alcoholics and addicts do, I know I did. I used that type of self destructive thinking to justify my actions to the point of my own destruction. Because I believed that I wasn’t ‘worthy’ or ‘lovable’ so I ran my life to the brinkContinue reading “Broken Pieces”

One Decision Away….

I felt that…one decision away from a totally different life. It’s amazing how true this statement can be. One decision, totally different life. I will admit I did struggle with my sobriety in the beginning, the first couple months were crazy I was rebuilding a life without ‘using’ in a life that was centered onContinue reading “One Decision Away….”


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Underdog? I like those odds 😎

I’m JR Weaver, Army vet, I’ve been in sustained recovery for about 27 months for co-occurring disorders that include substance use, ptsd, anxiety and depression. I also have a few felony drug charges on my record. I am a proud graduate of Charleston county drug court, and a mentor for the new Veterans Treatment Court, I am a certified Peer Support Specialist and author of The Addiction Manifesto.

And if I didn’t sober up when I did then chances are we probably would not have met because I would probably be dead or serving a very long prison sentence. My journey is only beginning, I know where I’ve been thanks to my addiction and it sucked. The drugs or alcohol may have started out as a coping mechanism in life but sooner or later it will consume the life out of you. We never want to believe that we have a problem, until we try to stop and can’t. Little by little it destroys us from the inside out, we start sacrificing our morals and character for that ‘one last hit or drink.’ I’ve done some shady shit to finance my addiction, I really didn’t want to hurt anybody but everyone and everything was collateral damage on my way to the doorman. Lying, cheating, stealing? You betcha, robbing, pimping, fencing stolen goods? Yep, I lost myself little by little until I couldn’t recognize myself anymore, then I started to hate the monster that I had become. And then my addictive thinking used that on me too!! The day I ‘woke up’ to the bs that addiction was feeding me was prob one of the best days of my life. I know my demons inside out, I know what they want, I know they are waiting on the edge of my subconscious for that moment when I let my guard down. Grab a snickers mofos cause this guy ain’t coming back!! That’s the mindset we all need to bring towards our recovery. If you’re still out there waiting for that sign to stop using…HELLO THIS IS IT!! Go home, call your parents, go to treatment if you need it, just do something that your future will thank you for!! If a guy like me can find Recovery then anybody can.

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