Drugs Courts Aren’t Failing Addicts, Addicts Are Failing Addicts

Drug Courts aren’t failing Addicts, Addicts are failing Addicts. https://medium.com/@jrweaver/drugs-courts-arent-failing-addicts-addicts-are-failing-addicts-6904870de91c

The harsh truth is every participant comes into a drug court program wanting to change, that change can be a temporary fix or a life long fix. We just don’t know it yet. I pleaded into Charleston County Drug Court on 15 November 2017 with the goal of changing my life, I was going to change with this program or I was going to die on the streets. I was what you could call a ‘hardcore’ addict, my life had centered around my addiction for so many years that it was the only way I knew how to live. People misunderstand the truth about addiction, it isn’t a party lifestyle, it’s a never ending 80 hours per week thankless job, there is never enough drugs to escape so we are constantly searching for that next fix. It’s a lonely and miserable life that so many believe can’t be fixed. I racked up countless felonies in pursuit of my next fix and I also learned that jail time was my only ‘release’ from the control of my addiction. Drug court changed that. It wasn’t easy, but it is possible to reprogram our thinking patterns with the right balance of support. I graduated Charleston County in March of 2019, no sanctions, no failed drug tests. The life skills that I learned from my classes opened up doors that I once believed were locked forever. I am now a federal employee @ the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center located in Charleston, SC and approaching my 3rd year of sobriety. I believe that drug courts do work, they do have the power to change lives because I am living proof. Drug courts don’t fail Addicts, Addicts fail Addicts. If a participant refuses to change then they won’t change. If nothing changes then nothing changes.

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I'm the guy that lost everything...again. My addiction owned me, I didn't sleep, I didn't eat, I just didn't care about my life. My addiction had pushed me to the very edge of the abyss and was screaming inside my head to just 'let go.' But I learned something that day about me, that 'other' voice that was in the way back of my mind, you know the one that always managed to materialize at the worst moments to mess with our buzz? It was planting seeds in our mind's, it was trying to save us. Well that 'other' voice saved me. At my lowest moment I listened and realized the truth, I'm better than this. I applied to Charleston Drug Court, something that I didn't believe I could graduate, but guess what happened? I graduated in about 15 months with no sanctions. I learned that my past had made me stronger, my addiction couldn't continually use the same manipulation to control me anymore. I have found that Recovery has opened closed doors, I got my life back and have found peace, and I want to help the world find that same beautiful peace. That's the mission of recovery-revolution.org, to help addicts find their way back. We Do Recover, I'm living proof.

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