Reborn like a Phoenix

Reborn like a Phoenix

Saving the world begins with saving yourself. That’s where the ‘magic’ begins!! The world changes because we change.

I was a guy that did very bad things, I didn’t care about color, religion, family, education, where ya lived, where you were from, or if you had kids, I targeted everybody that had something to give. I saw the world as this evil, ugly place that was filled with ‘takers and givers,’ and I was going to take whatever I could!! I wanted what you had and I was going to get it one way or the other. That’s the monster that once controlled my life, and chances are that monster is controlling someone you know.
I didn’t have a bad life growing up, my parents were ‘there’ for the most part, I wasn’t beaten or starved or neglected, I just felt different. I felt ‘alone’ in a room full of people. Trying to fill that ‘emptiness’ led me to drinking socially, which led me down a much darker path. And that ‘emptiness ’ inside me grew stronger….and so did the methods that I tried to fill it. When the alcohol no longer did it’s job, I switched to hard drugs and my life spiraled out of control. That’s the evolution of the addiction matrix, the custom designed addiction plan created just for you.
Today I can connect the dots and see how it consumed me in the ‘fire’ and dam sure how it almost destroyed me. There are brief ‘moments of clarity’ while we are ‘out there’ when the true reality of real life and what we’ve done really hits us, it paints this brutal vision that we have destroyed any chance of making it back. It was during one of these moments when I finally ‘stood up’ to the monsters inside me and told them ‘NO.’ This was not how my story, my life was going to end. I discovered I had the power to change, just like you have the power to change. We get better by taking a stand against the evil inside us, we face the absolute truth of the moment and guess what’s next? We move forward, we rebuild our lives. One day at a time for the rest of our life. And life does get better sooner or later. I promise 😇🙏

Rise from the ashes and be reborn!!

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I'm the guy that lost everything...again. My addiction owned me, I didn't sleep, I didn't eat, I just didn't care about my life. My addiction had pushed me to the very edge of the abyss and was screaming inside my head to just 'let go.' But I learned something that day about me, that 'other' voice that was in the way back of my mind, you know the one that always managed to materialize at the worst moments to mess with our buzz? It was planting seeds in our mind's, it was trying to save us. Well that 'other' voice saved me. At my lowest moment I listened and realized the truth, I'm better than this. I applied to Charleston Drug Court, something that I didn't believe I could graduate, but guess what happened? I graduated in about 15 months with no sanctions. I learned that my past had made me stronger, my addiction couldn't continually use the same manipulation to control me anymore. I have found that Recovery has opened closed doors, I got my life back and have found peace, and I want to help the world find that same beautiful peace. That's the mission of, to help addicts find their way back. We Do Recover, I'm living proof.

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