To Thy Own Self Be True.

To Thy Own Self Be True. We’ve all heard it mentioned, but what does it mean to you? The quote is originally from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, but how many of us know it from there? Most likely we were introduced to the phrase thru AA. I’ve always believed it meant to be true to yourself, beContinue reading “To Thy Own Self Be True.”

Underdog? I like those odds

Underdog? I like those odds Underdog? I like those odds 😎 I’m JR Weaver, Army vet, I’ve been in sustained recovery for about 27 months for co-occurring disorders that include substance use, ptsd, anxiety and depression. I also have a few felony drug charges on my record. I am a proud graduate of Charleston countyContinue reading “Underdog? I like those odds”

Drugs Courts Aren’t Failing Addicts, Addicts Are Failing Addicts

Drugs Courts Aren’t Failing Addicts, Addicts Are Failing Addicts Drug Courts aren’t failing Addicts, Addicts are failing Addicts. The harsh truth is every participant comes into a drug court program wanting to change, that change can be a temporary fix or a life long fix. We just don’t know it yet. I pleaded into CharlestonContinue reading “Drugs Courts Aren’t Failing Addicts, Addicts Are Failing Addicts”

Choices, Choices, Choices

Choices, Choices, Choices To Choose or Not to Choose, that is the real question. Let’s face facts, every choice that we make, good or bad, has a consequence. We can choose to eat the cheesecake and love it but we still must deal with the consequences of that decision. We can choose to not showContinue reading “Choices, Choices, Choices”

Evolution of Self

Evolution of Self The evolution of self. You gotta admit that after so many years we get comfortable in a certain behavior, we like what we like and we do what we do. It’s our life right? We think a certain way, talk a certain way, act a certain way. It’s human nature. We expectContinue reading “Evolution of Self”

Reborn like a Phoenix

Reborn like a Phoenix Saving the world begins with saving yourself. That’s where the ‘magic’ begins!! The world changes because we change. I was a guy that did very bad things, I didn’t care about color, religion, family, education, where ya lived, where you were from, or if you had kids, I targeted everybody thatContinue reading “Reborn like a Phoenix”

Relapse Prevention Planning

Relapse Prevention Planning In that Recovery state of mind 😎 Loss of ‘self’ Hmmm where to begin? When we lose our identity to others, we lose the magic that belongs only to us. Recovery is a crazy beautiful journey that’s filled with miracles one day and tragedies the next. But we drive forward. Why? BecauseContinue reading “Relapse Prevention Planning”