Broken Pieces

Did ya ever think you were broken? That you weren’t normal? Most alcoholics and addicts do, I know I did. I used that type of self destructive thinking to justify my actions to the point of my own destruction. Because I believed that I wasn’t ‘worthy’ or ‘lovable’ so I ran my life to the brink of my own extinction. What did I have to lose? Who would care, right? WRONG!! Addiction has ‘played’ us all, it used it’s power of letting us escape reality briefly to blind us then bind us. Did it make our life better? Did we improve ourselves? Did we make ourselves better by using? Ever hear the rumor about the successful alcoholic or drug addict? I didn’t think so. Recovery is a different story, it gives us the opportunity to rebuild our lives from the shattered addiction pieces, we have the chance to recreate ourselves to something bigger and better. We have the chance to be happy, we have the chance to live life again. We can finally give and receive love. The decision has always been there, it’s up to us to make the best choice for us. Thank you for reading 🙂

JR Weaver

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I'm the guy that lost everything...again. My addiction owned me, I didn't sleep, I didn't eat, I just didn't care about my life. My addiction had pushed me to the very edge of the abyss and was screaming inside my head to just 'let go.' But I learned something that day about me, that 'other' voice that was in the way back of my mind, you know the one that always managed to materialize at the worst moments to mess with our buzz? It was planting seeds in our mind's, it was trying to save us. Well that 'other' voice saved me. At my lowest moment I listened and realized the truth, I'm better than this. I applied to Charleston Drug Court, something that I didn't believe I could graduate, but guess what happened? I graduated in about 15 months with no sanctions. I learned that my past had made me stronger, my addiction couldn't continually use the same manipulation to control me anymore. I have found that Recovery has opened closed doors, I got my life back and have found peace, and I want to help the world find that same beautiful peace. That's the mission of, to help addicts find their way back. We Do Recover, I'm living proof.

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