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Leanne Villani is a Futurist Media Strategist who builds businesses from the ground up on the online space. She believes we all can build and raise our influence in the online social space.
In 2018 she started a podcast called BeYouFullMind 22k Downloads in the Genre of Spirituality, Mindset, Business.
She ranked internationally with $0 spent on advertisement & began to find a way to rank without spending money.
In 2021 she was nominated for 2 Podcast Awards Top 5 Best Podcast Show of 2021 & Best Podcast Host of 2021 by the Quill Awards.
Kyle Brewer, BS, PRPS, is the Peer Specialist Program Manager for NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals. He works for NAADAC remotely from Little Rock, AR, managing the Arkansas Peer Specialist Program Grant. He oversees the development and implementation of an innovative three-tier credentialing process (Core, Advanced, Supervision) for the Arkansas Peer Support Model.
Brewer earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Addiction Studies from the University of Central Arkansas in 2013. He went on to use his lived experience with drug and alcohol addiction to become a Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist, where he led the implementation of this position in an emergency department at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Most recently, he became one of the first ten Certified Peer Support Supervisors in Arkansas. He also serves on numerous committees and boards to develop and strengthen the Arkansas Model and improve peer support services across the United States.
Jeannine was an active drug addict and alcoholic for fifteen years, her using led to multiple arrests, homelessness and the loss of absolutely everything – which she considers to be the best thing that ever happened to her. Sober since January 15, 2015, and now a successful fitness studio owner and popular recovery podcast host, she is committed to sharing her stories in the hopes that they may help others.
Chasing Heroine Podcast
Frederick Shegog is a man who doesn’t knows all too well about the struggles of this world. In his early twenties, he watched his future dreams fade away as substance abuse and mental illness took over his life. The next decade of his life would be a rough one, but not only would he come out better from it- he would change his life to helping others overcome as well.
Frederick Shegog, better known as Freddy, was always a happy and motivated kid until substance use disorder began to take over his life. Unaddressed mental illness, low self-esteem, and being bullied began to linger in his mind with each toxic substance he abused. It wasn’t long until his struggles with addiction and mental illness took over, and he found himself homeless. Alone and on the streets in Philadelphia, eating discarded food he had found in the dumpster, Freddy realized he had hit his rock bottom.
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Kicking off the live stream in style with Jeff Vickers author of “Sober Slogans: Recovery Mottos We Love. Tonight we’ll be talking about chapter one “Keep Coming Back”

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