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My Name is Randy Beard I am 51 years old I’m from Portland Maine I battled SUD/Mental health illness/and homelessness for 35 years I am now as of 7/24 three years sober. I have seen it all and can speak on every and all aspects “I am here to be the voice for every friend I ever lost” Colicchie
Kenneth L. Watson Jr., an Army Veteran, experienced pieces of his life falling apart due to alcoholism, then decided to fight back. From his life experiences, he has reached a level of calm and serenity where he is rehashing all the demons from the past to record in the book ‘12 Faces of Sober’. After over five years of sobriety, he reaches out to people like himself. Moreover, he speaks through this book to those who suffer post-military life, drug abuse, domestic violence, inequality, mental health, and all sorts of struggles that drive them to alcoholism. It has not been a smooth ride, twelve years in alcoholism, and losing a lot due to it; he comes out as a hero.

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Chris Marshall is a mental health advocate, writer, and founder of Sans Bar, an alcohol free space and community based in Austin, Texas. He has been alcohol free since February 16, 2007. Chris started working as Substance Use counselor in 2009, and witnessed his clients struggle to remain abstinent from alcohol after they exited treatment. He created Sans Bar in 2017 with the belief that everyone deserves a safe, sober, and inclusive environment where they can authentically connect with others. Chris has been featured in Men’s Health magazine, The New York Times, and USA Today.
Travis Sackett is resilience personified. Having overcome an abusive childhood, Travis went to college to study criminal justice, hoping to become an agent for change. While fulfilling this role, he was jaded by severe corruption in the system. During this time, Travis sustained an injury while training, resulting in an opioid addiction that led him to a life of crime. Through the help of his canine companion, he pulled himself up and out of the mud and began living his life again. As a fully disabled individual, Travis refused to be held back by circumstances. He persevered and decided to share his story in his memoir My Life with Karma to increase empathy toward often-ignored populations that are forgotten or left without a voice.

Author – My Life with Karma…

Columnist – Recovery Today Magazine
Phil Tyler is an ex-convict, meth addict that has changed his life despite having the odds against him. He created the Against The Odds (ATO) Ministries to provide motivational, uplifting and encouraging support. Phil also does personal coaching.

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