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Donald McDonald is a person thriving in recovery from severe mental & substance use disorders since 2004. Donald’s background includes being a consumer of behavioral health services, provider of treatment & recovery support services in multiple settings, health policy advocate, and Recovery Community leader. Previously, Donald served as the National Field Director of Faces & Voices of Recovery, the Executive Director of Addiction Professionals of North Carolina, and the Director of Advocacy & Education at Recovery Communities of North Carolina. His current role is Technical Expert Lead at JBS International, where he provides training and technical assistance to HRSA-funded rural consortia across the country as they build capacity in response to the overdose crisis and the pandemic. Donald is a war veteran and former preschool music teacher—husband, father, grandfather, and social worker. He is a Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist (LCAS) & Recovery Coach Professional (RCP) and holds a Bachelor of Education from NC State University & Master of Social Work from UNC Chapel Hill. Donald is a proud recipient of the NCADD Bronze Key Award and the North Carolina Dogwood Award. He is the producer and host of the YouTube video podcast ‘No Thanks But Yes,’ featuring chill conversations with splendid people who’ve overcome chaotic substance relationships.
Bipolar Barbie is an Australian Artist, Author and Motivational Speaker.

She is committed to changing the face of Mental Health. She aims to abolish the stigma surrounding Mental Health, leading by example, sharing her journey with Mental Illness. She hopes to make others feel less alone as they experience her creative take on living with Mental Illness. She hopes to inspire change and encourage others to seek help and speak up. | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

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This is Jason Rudeen, I co host The Way Out Podcast and I’m a person in long term recovery. What that means for me is that I haven’t felt the need to touch a drink or a drug since 7/23/2016. My DOC was… well anything! I guess meth was my kryptonite. I support all pathways to recovery. I was a buffet style user so I work my recovery the same way. I draw from many different sources in my own recovery. Getting (and living) clean is something I never imagined I could do. I was addicted to drinking, using and dealing since I was 13. I got clean at 36 so that’s 23 years of debauchery. I never knew no other way.

On my journey I learned the importance of sharing my story. It can heal me, inspire others and gives them permission to share their own stories! It’s therapeutic value is without parallel, as they say!! I am so grateful I found Charles and shared my story with him early on (that’s episode 31 if you want to check it out). When he asked me if I wanted to co host and help take the show to the next level I was nervous. I didn’t feel qualified, and if I listened to my feelings, I would have cheated myself. Everything you want is on the other side of fear! Say yes! Show up for opportunities if they could potentially benefit you or others. Be willing to get uncomfortable! Start helping others! That’s where the real growth happens!

My heart is in this show and I’m grateful for every one of you listeners! You all teach me so much. Thank you for your ears and your insights! I hope you find some real help within these episodes. God bless you all!

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Hi. I’m Mike Paddleford, and I Recover Loud! In 2002, an injury at work took me down a road I never imagined I’d ever be on. What I saw as a way to earn some extra money each month, opiates became my addiction, and it cost me more than I could have ever earned. Over the next 16 years, I lost everything I had ever worked for; my money, my family, and almost my life. On Nov 3, 2018, my wife and I, both, found a way to recovery. My journey wasn’t easy, and it didn’t work immediately. But I was determined not to use. After being kicked out of every program I entered, I lived in my car for 8 months, sleeping in parking lots and rest areas, until I was finally allowed to move home with my wife. Learning how to live together again, we started sharing our journey in our Facebook group, “Recovery on the Road.” We provide hope, connection, and recovery resources to people from all over the world. I currently work as a Registered Peer Recovery Coach in Lewiston, Maine. I returned to college online, and I am working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. Recently, my wife and I started a tv talk show, “Recover Loud” working to end the stigma of Substance Use Disorder. The show airs on the local public broadcast station, as well as on our YouTube channel. I live my life in recovery doing whatever it takes. I Recover Loud so everyone will know, that recovery IS possible.
Leonard Buschel is an American publisher, substance abuse counselor and co-founder of Writers in Treatment, which supports recovery and the arts, and executive director of REEL Recovery Film Festival, focusing on stories of addiction and recovery.

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